Thursday, September 16, 2010

third verse, same as the first

This is about the 12th incarnation of a blog for me but I miss it, even if no one but my wife reads it (Hi, Honey!).

I'm not sure what I hope to accomplish here but the intention is to get writing again and to share myself and my thoughts on this latest chapter of life that I affectionately refer to as Life 2.0.  Life 2.0 is comprised of a fantastic upgrade to Marriage 2.0, a funky and always interesting fusion of Family 1.0 (she'll one day break my heart), Family 2.0 (my beautiful redheaded step-daughter), and the recent Family 2.5 add-on package ("Two Under Two" - suprise! Another girl and bouncing baby boy), and something that looks like a career which seems to be entering it's next life-cycle.

We'll see.  I've only had this Blogger account and blog "shell" open for about a year waiting for this first post, so the odds of this being another onsie-twosie Internet dead-end are high.